Mike Zito

One of the best in the business today.  Truly a great guy to work with.  He also has a great head of hair.  


Steven Collins is one of the greatest songwriters & producers working in the business today.  Please visit his site and listen to Deadman music.  It will make your life better.  

Jonn Del Toro Richardson

Another fine purveyor of the American art form of the blues.  Honesty pours from his veins when he plays.  Dry Johnson has slept on floors with Del Toro.  Truth.  

Miss Trudy Lynn

Houston's own Queen of the Blues!  We LOVE Miss Trudy and are always blessed when we get the honor of performing with her.  

Hadden Sayers

Houston's own troubadour songwriter, singer, & guitar picker.  Dry Johnson has travelled MANY miles with this gentleman.  

Mighty Orq

A true bluesman in every sense of the word.  Dry Johnson has been around the world with this dude.  We LOVE Orq